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Julie Monot, CH

Julie Monot lives and works in Lausanne. She holds a MA in Fine arts from ECAL - Lausanne (2019), a BA in Fine arts, Head - Geneva (2017) and a Make-up design certificate - London (1998). Her work mostly interrogates the limitations and representation of the body. She experiments several medium, such as performance, installation, photography or video. From her past career in the field of performing arts, she keeps a strong interest for transformation props. The costumes, prosthesis, « furniture » of the body are rooted to her daily practice and reflections. 

Julie Monot has exhibited and performed in Switzerland and abroad including Salts - Basel (2019), Artagon Live - Paris (2019), Arsenic - Lausanne (2019), Kunsthalle - Osnabruck (2019), L’institut Suisse de Rome (2018), Magasins Généraux - Artagon IV - Paris (2018), Le Commun - Geneva (2018).



Zoé de Soumagnat, FR

Zoé de Soumagnat works and lives in Paris. She holds a BA with honors in fine arts from Beaux Arts Paris and and MA in painting from Royal college, London.


In the work of Zoé de Soumagnat, these two dimensions – society against intimacy, lightness against texture, figure against background – come together to represent the heterogeneous complexity of a desire passing in a continuous rhythm from image to sculpture, from dream to reality. Here geometric abstraction slides menacingly towards representation; light textures (rubbed, brushed, transparent) penetrate deep blacks while overlaid images float like screens across the canvas, souvenirs of art and painting. Meanwhile the references to comic-book lines, to the urban strokes of neon signs, to the flatness of textile motifs and to feminine archetypes become channels for a seriousness, an anguish and a black irony. _Esther Girard, 2015



Margaux Derhy, FR

Margaux Derhy lives and works in London. She is currently achieving an MA in paintings at Royal College, London.

Margaux Derhy is an introspective painter. Derhy speaks about intimacy, grief, healing or false memories through lights/cold colors and fluorescent backgrounds. Her work signifies ghostly figures with dreamy bodies and faceless characters along with poetic landscapes. With references to Symbolist and Expressionist paintings: the scenes she constructs, both real and imagined expand on themes of timelessness and placelessness. Margaux is also keen on developping other mediums, such as embroderies and screen paintings. She likes to experiment new formats, new shapes of canevas, macro/micro, alternatives.


Riccardo Olerhead, FR

Riccardo Olerhead lives and works in Paris. Olerhead is a photographer interested in questioning representation of individuals and relationship with memories and materialities. Olerhead has a rather plastic approach of photography. In his new collages set ‘‘Vicolo Diagonale 1983‘‘ and through a process of deconstruction and recomposition, the artist explores a portrait of this mother taken by his father in 1983. The technique of collage allows the image to gain a spectrum of possibilities of existence: actions such as cutting, rearranging and enlarging enhance a sense of vitality at the fixed instant of the photograph. On the back of the original there is written ‘‘Looking out bedroom window. See telephone cable on wall of house on opposite side of lane’’. This peculiar note, not mentioning the subject of the portrait, is the starting point of an exploration of the relationship between images and their captions in a series of Olerhead family pictures.


Emmanuelle Roule, FR


Emmanuelle Roule is a ceramicist, she lives and works in Paris. Roule’s work is centered around the ceramic material in a perpetual back and forth between an ancestral ‘‘savoir faire’’ and the present of creation. Roule’s work questions volume and space through modelling and sculpture with a strong architectural aspect. The essence and heart of her work is space and distance.. distance with ourselves, distance with the others and the notion of time. It is about light, reflects, how to deal with interstices and what stand into the silences.


Ben Echeverria, USA

Ben Echeverria lives and works in Los Angeles. Ben Echeverria’s paintings contain and exhibit the residue of their making. Developed over significant periods of time, the paintings feel as if they could be both found and made. The imprints of traditionally hidden elements of a painting, such as hardware and other mechanisms that physically support it have aesthetic agency. Oil paint is used not only to compose and depict visual information, but also to literally hold the paintings together. The artist is interested in emphasizing and exploring the three-dimensional qualities of a painting and from this perspective emerge methods of installation that engage the environments in which the work is situated.  




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