Sensuality of paper, like a skin. Bruno Albizzati consistently pushes away the limits of paper which tears, erodes or breaks when in contact with juxtapositions of graphithe, pigments and aerosols. The materiatity becomes powdery and springing, as the light structures the compositions. Albizzati's works are slowly evolving by contact of his hand and studio hazard, they invite to a reflexion on time and its trace.

  Bruno Albizzati is a visual artist who lives and works in Paris. He's diplomed of the Art décoratifs de Paris and represented in Paris and Bruxelles by gallery La Forest Divonne, as well as Schuebbe Inc in Düsseldorf. His work has been showed in Art Paris, Art Central Hong Kong and Art Stage Singapour.

Bruno Albizzati

01.09.2019 - 31.10.2019

studio show, beyond the walls with atelier stories

pictures Claire Illi

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Artissima art fair, Turin

6-9 November 2020

presenting Lauren Coullard,

Maya Hottarek and Julie Monot